About Me

I see design as more than just a job or a hobby; to me, graphic design is a passion. I look for inspiration everywhere and I never stop thinking of ways to become a better designer. Art is such an integral part of our world; without art we would have a difficult time at expressing ourselves as unique individuals. It is my goal to create designs that are able to convey strong feelings and that stand out from the crowd.
From flat graphics to illustrations; photo editing to logos; web design to page layouts; it is my goal to be efficient and highly accessible while I create high quality designs for my clients.

I’m an outgoing people-person; working with people is what I love to do. I believe that human interaction is an incredibly important aspect of design. I work well with others and am a team player. I understand that it often takes a team of talented individuals to get the job done. I enjoy creative problem solving and thinking outside of the box. When I see a problem I ask myself two questions: "why isn't that working?" and "how can I not only fix it, but make it better?". I take challenges head on. No task or job is too big or too small. I am proficient in managing multiple tasks at once, I am able to set and follow deadlines and schedules. I am self-motivated, highly competitive, and love learning new things just as much as I love design. 

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